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About QR System

The Workforce Management QR Attendance System is a system that can help businesses or organisations to smartly label the involvement of their employees using QR code. Employees merely have to scan the printed QR code on their ID card and the device can catch their IN time or entry time, so they need to wait at least 1 hour for exit or checkout. The picture that showed the card in front of the camera would also be caught by the machine while marking attendance. The device has the functionality below.

Anti Cheating Features

Security and hacking problems in the QR attendance system are very common. To mark their worldwide attendees, people will exchange QR code with others. Since we use an online system so that everyone can cheat by garbage entry and theft, etc. As a QR attendance method, we add a fast and smart solution name to solve this problem. The anticheating will eleborate subsequent characteristics.

Employee / Student / User Registration

Multiple Account Registration for employee having department. For students they can be added department, course or class wise. All user have unique QR code that can not be temper.

Geo Location

Geofencing is the powerful feature that can enable people for mark only attendance with in the given parameters by their organization.

Unique DeviceID

They will be allocated their login information until an employee or pupil is registered. By using the Android/iOS app on your device's first login attempt to obtain its unique ID, no other login data can be signed on to other users.

Unique DeviceID and User Registration

Each user is registered by the authority of the administrator and gives specific login information. But among colleagues and acquaintances, these information can be exchanged to log in with their details and then mark their attendance. This leads to cheating and proxy problems.

To solve proxy and hacking stuff, add unique device login where each user logs in for the first time to catch their unique device ID and send it to the server to map the individual account. Once mapped to a single user and not on other devices, no one is now allowed to use these login data. By preventing hacking and making the system Non Cheating, this would help out.

Geo Location Feature

There is a chance of cheating and attacks in any online system, and geolocation is one of the solutions to solve this challenge. In other words, any organization that wishes to mark their attendance must visit the place where the QR code is inserted. You may think that one person should share the QR code via any social media site and then mark attendance sitting anywhere, so this is the solution to encode the latitude and longitude inside the QR code at the workplace, school, university or other locations.

Geolocation feature can be setup dynamically by organizations or companies that using system. They have to set their desire location of place or location and then set allowed parameter in meters (m).

QR Attendance Use Cases

For their shareholders, staff and students, many corporations, organizations and institutions have manual attendance. The QR attendance scheme is a way for them to use an effective and clever tool instead of manual or conventional papers in their process of marking attendance.

Parking System

The QR system may be introduced as DigiToken in the name of the parking system. A digital token can be created in the form of QR in this system and given to the person who parks the vehicle. It will be very convenient to preserve the record or history of a visit to a particular location by an individual and it is also free from corruption.
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Restaurant Management

In restaurants, the QR device can be used to display the customer's menu card by scanning the QR code pasted on the table. The QR code can be encrypted with table number information. Once the redirect to the menu page, select items and then send the order, it can be prepared and served directly to the kitchen.
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For the digital system of voting, the QR system will be used where voters can vote for their candidate by not going to the polling station and there would be no crowding. Instead of the old-fashioned process, it would be a good way to cast votes in a successful way. The unique NIC (National Identification Card) number must be given to each citizen as a login and then cast a vote on the desired candidate.
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To mark the attendance of their students, the QR system can be used in educational centres such as universities, colleges or schools. Students may mark each lecture attendance by using a mobile application to scan the big QR code displayed by the lecturer. It will decrease the lecturer's time and effort and his/her emphasis will only be on the lecture delivery.
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QR attendance in an association or company is used to monitor the attendance of IN/OUT/Break/Tea workers. Based on this their salaries can be calculated.
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Seminars and Conferences

To map and monitor the presence of large crowds once in a busy venue. To mark their self-attendee, people will scan broad QR code displayed on the screen or pasted on the wall.
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Lunch Box Tracking System

By utilizing QR codes and Google Sheets, you can establish a robust tracking system for your student lunch program. This system simplifies the process of monitoring student attendance, recording time stamps, and differentiating regular participants from guests. The Google platform's ease of use and collaborative features make it an ideal choice for implementing this system. Embrace this technology to streamline your lunch program and ensure accurate record-keeping, ultimately benefiting both students and staff members.
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Introducing Gym Assistant: Your Ultimate Fitness Management Solution

  • Say goodbye to manual paperwork and tedious data entry.
  • Manage multiple branches from centralized system.
  • Member attendance using our QR code-based system.
  • Manage Gym's finances with our fee management tools.
  • Gym Assistant automatically identifies accounts with unpaid fees and deactivates them, maintain financial stability.
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Streamlining Employee Management with QR Attendance System

In the current competitive corporate world, proper management of employee attendance has become an integral aspect as it is vital in ensuring smooth operations. Conventional attendance tracking practices like manual sign-in sheets or punch cards are not only time consuming but also give rise to errors and manipulations. Companies have developed innovative solutions to help solve these problems and one of them is the QR Attendance System. A QR Attendance System changes the concept of how companies interact with their workforce by using a combination of QR codes and modern technology. This particular system fosters effective employee attendance monitoring conveniently and smartly for organizations. Here's how it works:

QR Code Integration:

For every employee, he/she is given an ID card with a unique QR code. The QR codes are then created and allotted to each person in the organization. The QR code acts as the digital pin for every employee.

Scan and Capture:

Upon entering the work environment, it is as simple as scanning a QR code found on their employee ID card using an assigned reader or smart device. As they enter, the system picks up their entry time and marks attendance for them on that day.

Image Capture:

As the employees scan their QR codes, here also there is an image that captures the individual. Doing so guarantees the credibility of attendance and manages cases where someone may be acting as a proxy representing another person for whoever was supposed to attend.

Real-Time Tracking:

Supervisors and managers can keep track of employees’ attendance with real-time data, which helps them detect any deviations immediately through the QR Attendance System.

Automated Reporting:

The days of manual attendance report compilation are long gone. The QR Attendance System produces reports automatically so that HR staff can simply keep track of attendance records, analyze patterns and produce payrolls with ease.

Enhanced Security:

The system incorporates image capture technology, which further enhances the security of the attendance procedure. This aids in avoiding buddy punching in addition to fake attendance practices.

Flexible Integration:

QR Attendance Systems can easily be integrated with HR and Payroll software, helping the overall workforce management process. Data integration with other applications enables a more efficient data exchange and negates manual input of information.

Cost-Effective Solution:

A QR Attendance System can bring the cost of attendance down; thereby, saving companies an enormous amount. Such organizations are capable of reaping the benefits associated with automated attendance tracking processes, which include a reduction in wastage by using resources efficiently and operational efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface:

The design of the system is made in a way that allows employees to easily calibrate their QR codes and managers, at the same time. To handle attendance data efficiently.

Compliance and Audit Trail:

The QR Attendance System enables organizations to comply with labor laws by creating an audit trail of records for employee attendance. This ensures accountability and supports regulatory implementation.

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Robust Anti-Cheating Features

Highlight the advanced anti-cheating measures your system employs, such as facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, or other biometric authentication methods. Explain how these features ensure the integrity of attendance data, making it nearly impossible for users to cheat the system.

Secure User Registration

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Accurate Geo Location Tracking

Showcase the precision and reliability of your system's geo-location tracking. Mention how this feature helps in verifying the attendance location, making it suitable for fieldwork, events, or remote work scenarios.

Unique Device ID for Each User

Stress the uniqueness of the device ID assigned to each user, ensuring that only authorized devices can mark attendance. Explain how this feature enhances security and prevents misuse.

Ease of Use

Highlight the user-friendly interface and ease of operation for both administrators and end-users. Mention any mobile app or web portal that simplifies attendance tracking and reporting.

Real-time Data Access

Explain how your system provides real-time attendance data, enabling administrators to monitor attendance instantly. Highlight any customizable reporting tools that facilitate data analysis and decision-making.

Compatibility and Integration

Mention compatibility with various devices and platforms (e.g., smartphones, tablets, desktops). Highlight the ability to integrate with existing HR or attendance management systems, making the transition smoother for businesses.

Customer Support and Training

Promote your customer support services, emphasizing quick response times and assistance with any issues. Offer training resources or webinars to help clients effectively implement and use your QR attendance system.

Data Privacy and Compliance

Emphasize your commitment to data privacy and compliance with relevant regulations, such as GDPR or HIPAA. Mention any encryption and security measures in place to protect sensitive attendance data.

Customization Options

Highlight the flexibility of your system to adapt to the unique needs of different organizations. Mention the availability of customizable features, reports, and branding options.


Explain how your QR attendance system offers excellent value for the features and security it provides. Compare your pricing plans to show affordability and ROI.

Continuous Updates and Improvements

Showcase your commitment to staying up-to-date with technology and continuously improving your system based on user feedback.






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Baby Plan

$39/ month

$400 USD / Year (Save 8.3%)
  • 1 Company/Business
  • 10 Staff
  • 3 Month Attendance Log
  • 1 Month Leave Management Log.
  • Admin Push Notifications
  • Staff Push Notification
  • Export Attendance
  • Auto Attendance Summary from Email
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Staff Tracking
  • Android and IOS APP for Staff
  • 5 Rules for business
  • Web Portal Access
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Delux Plan

$79/ month

$799 USD / Year (Save 10%)
  • 10 Company/Business
  • 100 Staff
  • Unlimited Attendance Log
  • Unlimited Leave Management log
  • Admin Push Notifications
  • Staff Push Notification
  • Export Attendance
  • Auto Attendance Summary from Email
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Staff Tracking
  • Android APP for Staff
  • 10 Rules for Business
  • Web Portal Access
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Premium Plan

$99/ month

$999 USD / Year (Save 10%)
  • Unlimited Company/Business
  • Unlimited Staff
  • Unlimited Attendance Log
  • Unlimited Leave Management log
  • Admin Push Notifications
  • Staff Push Notification
  • Export Attendance
  • Auto Attendance Summary from Email
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Staff Tracking (Additional Cost for Google Map API $400USD Approx)
  • Android APP for Staff
  • Unlimited Business Rules
  • Web Portal Access
  • 24/7 Customer Support